Safe at School: Diabetes Forecast Celebrates Triumphs for Students with Diabetes


Diabetes Forecast, the Healthy Living Magazine from the American Diabetes Association, has released its annual Safe at School feature in the July/August 2015 issue. As students, parents and staff gear up for another school year, State of Safety reviews progress that has been made in ensuring schools are a safe and inclusive place for students living with diabetes.
Arkansas’ recent journey in passing a Safe at School bill illustrates the need for advocacy so that students with diabetes receive fair treatment and safe care at school while being able to participate in all school activities. Arkansas’ bill allows staff volunteers to be trained to give insulin and glucagon, and treatment for low blood glucose emergencies, as needed. The bill also allows kids who are able to do diabetes self-care tasks ā€“ such as using a blood glucose meter and giving insulin ā€“ to do so. The article also outlines steps that family members can take to advocate for fair treatment and equal educational opportunities if they feel a child is being discriminated against because of diabetes.
Believing Without Seeing: Prepare to be inspired! Matthew Weed, PhD, is a bioethics scholar at Yale and an avid skier, Rollerblader and hiker. He is also blind and lives with type 1 diabetes. Weed enlists the help of his willing students, neighbors and volunteers on campus to help monitor his blood glucose and give insulin several times a day. Read more about Weed’s motivational story and his mission to lead a life of action.
Stripped Down Savings: Diabetes management can be expensive. Even smaller costs, such as test strips, can add up over time; however, there are resources available that offer qualifying patients assistance with costs. Check out this compilation of cost-saving tips for strips, plus resources for saving on prescriptions.
Insulin Innovations: How far has insulin come since the American Diabetes Association’s founding 75 years ago, and what’s on the horizon at your pharmacy? Read about breakthroughs in creating and delivering insulin (one kind can be inhaled) and check out what insulins are available now, coming soon and expected down the road for diabetes management. Reported by PR Newswire.


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