Pedestrian Protection: MESSRING Develops New Test System


A research project from MESSRING, the leading manufacturer of crash test systems and components and the TH Ingolstadt university, is setting new benchmarks in active safety testing.
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The project named TargETS (Target Development for Testing of Integrated Safety Systems) comprises two components: a pedestrian dummy and an innovative motion system (6D Target Mover), which are synchronized with each other using a software program.
The pedestrian dummy will authentically simulate the movement of the extremities and head rotation of a real pedestrian. The 6D Target Mover realistically moves the pedestrian dummy in any direction without confusing the assistance systems.
Human movement patterns can be recorded using a motion capture system and read into a software interface.
The coordination and interplay of the motion system and pedestrian dummy have resulted in a test system that is like no other and will take on a pioneering role in the further development of active safety testing and autonomous driving. “Our motto is ‘action instead of reaction’. With TargETS, we demonstrate that MESSRING is also an innovative partner in research,” explains Wolfgang Rohleder, Manager of Sales and Application at MESSRING.
Assistance systems will take on a more important role in the years to come. As a result, the importance of test systems will increase and innovations such as TargETS will be indispensable in this segment. Reported by PR Newswire.


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